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Friday, March 27, 2009

The outstanding colors at Idakoos

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For many of us choosing a nice design or a great phrase to print on our T-shirts is not enough. What happens when it comes to choosing their color? Unlike other custom products stores, Idakoos offers an enormous variety of clothing colors lie yellow, navy blue or olive green, to name a few. No more frustrations trying to find the right T-Shirt color.

But wait! Your shopping experience gets even more interesting: What happens when you found the right T-Shirt color– black, for example – and you want to print a cool design that is mainly made of dark colors too? Well, Idakoos is one step ahead of the rest of the stores at this point, too: You can change the design color! You want the black tee? Luckily, there is the same design in white Did you change your mind and decide on the yellow tee instead? Choose the same design in blue, red or a lot of other combinations. That’s awesome!

Try our great customizing tools right now. You can start with this interesting retro T-Shirt:

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