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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Things you can put on a License Plate

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As many people know, Idakoos has a section of custom license plates – which you can use on your car, your bike and even your baby’s cart. What some people still don’t know is that our store has a huge amount of designs and funny phrases to choose from that make your vehicle really unique.

Since the range of options is broad, we want to give you some suggestions to make your license plate expressive and funny. Three things that work very good on a plate are:

Funny phrases with your name: Use phrases like “Property of -enter name-“ if you are a person who likes to show off what you got.

Your favorite pet: If you love dogs or cats, we have designs that you will find just perfect. Use great phrases such as “If it’s not a Beagle it’s just a dog” and tell the world how much you adore your furry friend.

Your country or hometown: If you are proud of your origin, express it on your custom license plate. It’s the best way to tell everybody how cool the place where you come from is.

We hope these ideas are useful to you. And you can find a lot more in our license plate department. Get yours now!

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day for all Americans!

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Tonight, millions of Americans staring at the fireworks will recall that the stars on our flag not only represent the 50 states of our country, but also the greatness of our nation and of the ideals of democracy, freedom and peace.

Once again, we celebrate Independence Day, and even though things might have changed a lot, or little, depending on who you ask, we take pride in our flag and continue making America a great place to live. That’s a legacy that we received and we proudly keep it.

At Idakoos we are getting ready to celebrate wearing our American Flag T-shirts. Meanwhile, we wish all American citizens in the World a Happy Independence Day!

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T-shirt of the week: “Baseball fan”

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Baseball T-Shirt
America loves baseball. That’s why supporters of this sport – such as myself – are really excited about the t-shirt of this week: “Baseball fan”. This item has a very masculine design and transmits the spirit of how we Americans live this game. It’s a shirt worth using at the stadium – no matter which team you are rooting for.

As all of our items it can be customized with the color combination of your choice – or your favourite team! If you are a true baseball fan, the shirt of this week is right for you

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Today is Canada Day!

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I love Canada
It’s July 1 and everybody in Canada is celebrating their National Day. It’s a very special date and Canadian people – who are so devoted to peace, progress and good coexistence among their different cultural groups – deserve a fraternal salute and the best wishes from all of us here at Idakoos.

It’s been more than a century since the British colonies north of the United States of America joined to form what we today know as Canada. And now, this country is a strong nation with an identity shaped from their cultural mixture and common values. Canadians have worked hard to build a society where most people live in harmony and peace, accepting their cultural and language diversity. And they are really proud of that.

It’s a happy moment in the country of really cold winters, big lakes and friendly people. And why not use your holiday to look at the huge amount of products that express the joy of being Canadian, like the “I love Canada” Mugs or the “Canadian Pride” T-shirts, to name a few.

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