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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Things you can put on a License Plate

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As many people know, Idakoos has a section of custom license plates – which you can use on your car, your bike and even your baby’s cart. What some people still don’t know is that our store has a huge amount of designs and funny phrases to choose from that make your vehicle really unique.

Since the range of options is broad, we want to give you some suggestions to make your license plate expressive and funny. Three things that work very good on a plate are:

Funny phrases with your name: Use phrases like “Property of -enter name-“ if you are a person who likes to show off what you got.

Your favorite pet: If you love dogs or cats, we have designs that you will find just perfect. Use great phrases such as “If it’s not a Beagle it’s just a dog” and tell the world how much you adore your furry friend.

Your country or hometown: If you are proud of your origin, express it on your custom license plate. It’s the best way to tell everybody how cool the place where you come from is.

We hope these ideas are useful to you. And you can find a lot more in our license plate department. Get yours now!

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Anonymous Pamela Andrew said...

I love the ideas, specially the country license plates. I'm from australia and I proudly say it in on my car's plate.

I'd suggest to put your favorite music genre, something like "I love jazz" or so.

September 11, 2009 at 10:47 AM  

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