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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It’s really easy to browse Idakoos

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You probably noticed those little buttons with the “+” sign right next to the product links “Men’s T-Shirt and Clothing”, “Women’s T-Shirt and Clothing”, “Accessories” etc. When you click on them, the products within each category are displayed. With this simple but outstanding function you can quickly find any specific product you want to buy.

This new tool allows our customers to navigate with more precision and speed, something that enriches the experience of buying a T-Shirt or a present at Idakoos. It’s perfect for people who want to go straight to what they have in mind.

On the other hand, the Categories Menu is very useful and easy to use for those shoppers interested in browsing our great variety of designs, instead of going directly for a certain product. The front page of Idakoos offers a list of our categories, with billions of designs from animals over sports and occupations to people’s names in many different languages.

When browsing our products the categories will be displayed over the product images. Whether you are looking for the name of your loved one or a design with Obama’s face in it, at Idakoos you will find what you want and you will be able to customize your favorite items with peerless speed.

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