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Friday, April 10, 2009

Kiss me, I’m Italian

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The Italian community in the United States is one of the largest and most beloved groups in America, and they have reason to be proud of their identity. Not only because of important persons that influenced the world, such as Frank Sinatra or Al Pacino, but also because of their cheerful, creative and attractive personality.

Pizza and soccer are just two among many passions shared by 17 million Italians living in the United States. Italians are known to have a fun and easy-going lifestyle, and they combine it with their great artistic sense, a unique fashion style and a strong sex appeal. Whether you are in Milan or New York, everybody will tell you so.

Are you part of the Italian community? Do you have a friend from this beautiful European country? We have prepared a list with the best phrases to print on a T-Shirt. These phrases never go unnoticed, especially when an Italian is wearing them.

“Kiss me, I’m Italian"

Funny shirt, interesting proposition. This T-Shirt is a classic at Idakoos.

"Made in USA, with Italian parts"

What a great combination of genes! A great choice for Italian-American guys.

“Italian in Love”

Totally cute. This T-Shirt expresses how deeply in love an Italian girl can be.

“Italian girls do it better”

Whether you have an italian girlfriend or maybe just agree with this phrase, this tee is the perfect choice for you.

“Want a ride? Italian guy!”

Great artwork with a classic message. No matter what car you have in your garage, this is a tee to have fun.

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