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Friday, April 24, 2009

How to buy the perfect gift for mom and not spend a fortune

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Mother’s Day is almost around the corner and we all want to give our moms a huge hug, have her spend a great time with her family and give her a special gift. But sometimes all these good intentions can create a big hole in our budget.

This season, many stores, online and in the streets, are launching tons of promotions that promise to help us save money while getting the best gift for mom. The problem is that most of these promotions require us to choose among a limited variety of products or force us to order at least a certain amount to actually get the discount.

Our custom products store thought about what moms and buyers really want and launched a different promotion: a spectacular 30% discount on all women’s t-shirt and hoodies, canvas tote bags and aprons – with no limitations at all!

We know that our mom’s taste is not the same as our grandma’s or our wife’s. Why limit your options? At Idakoos you can choose among billions of products for her special day and save a lot more than at any other store. But hurry, the are only a few days left for this promotion!

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