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Monday, April 27, 2009

American Bulldog Fans: This is for you

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The American Bulldogs are an extremely popular breed among dog lovers, especially for those ones looking for an active, strong and loyal pet. If you have one, you must know how amazingly playful, assertive and friendly these dogs are.

Even though they are called “Bulldog”, we should not confuse them with the classic English Bulldog – a slightly smaller and very well known breed, too. In fact, the American Bulldog resembles a large American Pit Bull Terrier, and they are just as strong and agile.

Such a special breed is no doubt one of the favorites of pet lovers in the United States. And Idakoos has launched a wide variety of American Bulldog products just for you. From coffee mugs to T-shirts, you will find amazing products with the image of your favorite pet at

And here’s a sample of what you will find at our store. You can take this great “American Bulldog” T-Shirt and change its color, make it a sleeveless or a long sleeve and even change the design colors! Remember: these unbeatable options can only be found at the largest custom product store: Idakoos.

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